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Electron Spectroscopy Group
Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department - Bldg. 734
Brookhaven National Laboratory
734 Brookhaven Avenue
P.O. Box 5000 
Upton, NY 11973-5000 

Name Email Phone Office, Lab
Peter Johnson
Deputy Dept. Chair/Group Leader
pdj@bnl.gov (631) 344-3705 192, 184
Arlene Rementer
Administrative Secretary
rementer@bnl.gov (631) 344-3827 174
Christopher Homes homes@bnl.gov (631) 344-7579 187, 181
Asish Kundu akundu@bnl.gov (631) 344-6304 190
Fran Loeb loeb@bnl.gov (631) 344-2092/3537  
Dan Nevola nevola@bnl.gov (631) 344-2251 190, 184
Tonica (Tony) Valla valla@bnl.gov (631) 344-3530/5701 186
Nader Zaki nzaki@bnl.gov  (631) 344-3827 188
Ana Akrap ana.akrap@unifr.ch +41-26-300-9108 University of Fribourg
Yaomin Dai ymdai@nju.edu.cn +86-25-835-92749 Nanjing
Sasa Dordevic dsasa@uakron.edu (330) 972-8512 University of Akron
Alexei V. Fedorov AVFedorov@lbl.gov (510) 486-7521 ALS
Adrian Gozar adrian.gozar@yale.edu   Yale
Patrick Henning PHenning@spectroinc.com Spectro
Tim Kidd tim.kidd@uni.edu (319) 273-2380 University of N. Iowa
Chung Koo Kim ck269@cornell.edu (607) 255-9684 Cornell
Hae Kyung Jeong outron@gmail.com +82-53-850-6438 Daegu, Korea
Kyungwan Kim kyungwan@chungbuk.ac.kr +82-43-261-2267 Cheongju, Korea
Han-Jin Noh noh@physics.rutgers.edu    
Ivo Pletikosic ivop@princeton.edu    
Jon Rameau jrameau@psicorp.com (978) 738-8265 Physical Sciences
Ted Reber treber@uga.edu (706) 542-5588 University of Georgia
Myron Strongin      
Jiufeng Tu jtu@sci.ccny.cuny.edu (704) 687-6126 CCNY (CUNY)
Hongbo Yang     American U. of Armenia
Run Yang yangrun1988gmail.com   IOP/CAS
Zikri Yusof zyusof@anl.gov (630) 252-6280 Argonne
Najeh Zarir njisrawi@uwo.ca (519) 661-3283 UWO

Nature party. 

This is a picture taken at Tony Valla's Nature Party BBQ (early summer of 2002); from left to right, Genda Gu, Zikri Yusof, Peter Johnson, Chris Homes, and Tony Valla (a good time was had by all).


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